What’s the Best Time of Year to Move House?

The housing market is tough to predict – and rarely easy to manipulate – but it is possible to have some say on the timing of your move. Sometimes, a move will be delayed at the last minute and you’ll have to plan to relocate later on than you’d initially expected – or wanted. But if all goes smoothly, you can implement a seasonal strategy to make moving easier for your specific circumstances.

Let’s take a look at the best times of year to move home.

Summer holidays

The go-to for family moves with kids, the summer holidays lets you move without disrupting any school time. If you’re changing schools, moving in the summer break also means your children can finish off the year with their friends and say a proper goodbye – before starting anew at the beginning of the next term. It also gives you a lot more time to find a new school for your kids.

Of course, many families will think the same, so if you’re dead set on moving in the holidays, book a removals company early – as soon as you know the move date – to avoid disappointment.

Other benefits of moving in the summer holidays include:

  • More hours of daylight
  • Less chance of rain – though moving in a heatwave can be exhausting and sometimes dangerous
  • Perfect for selling in the spring – when the market is ripe

Early spring

The springtime is typically the sales period. It’s often the best time to put your home on the market, so actually moving in the spring might be difficult to arrange. If you can push a sale quickly and get your moving date settled in advance, you’ll have a lot of room to manoeuvre in the spring. There are a bundle of public holidays stretching from March to late May, so if you want to move on a long weekend without taking time off work, springtime has them ready made for you.

Other benefits of moving in the spring include:

  • Predictable weather
  • Moving companies are generally quieter
  • Great time for gardeners – you can get right to work on making that garden thrive


The winter is both an obstacle and an opportunity. You have the short days, the threat of extreme weather and the looming Christmas/New Year time limits to work around. But you also have a quiet period where the market will be less competitive and, hopefully, easier to predict.

If you haven’t managed to sell by the end of the year, then it might be better to hold off until the spring. January and February are normally very quiet sales-wise, and the weather is also at its most hazardous, so moving in these months is more likely to be difficult and stressful. However, for small scale, local moves, this won’t be too much of an issue.


One of the most popular times to move home, autumn is the perfect blend of nice weather, plenty of daylight and convenient timing. September is one of the busiest months in the housing market, so if you’re part of a chain and sold your home in the summertime, you’d probably expect a move date somewhere in September.

If you’re not moving schools, waiting until the kids have started back could be easier for you – with fewer distractions on the big day. The autumn days are still long, and the weather will be milder and not as hazardous – great news for your valuable and fragile possessions – so if possible, we’d definitely recommend a move at this time of year.

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