Top 8 Packing Mistakes

Packing can be a long and hectic process. To make the process easier, we’ve put together a list of the top packing mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Golden Rule

If you have unpacked boxes sitting around from your last move, seriously consider going through them and getting rid of what you don’t need. Why pay to move them again?

#8: Underestimating Box Count

Customers typically estimate that 15-20 boxes will be enough to pack the contents of a 3 bedroom house when in fact a house of that size would usually require 40-60 boxes. Be sure to purchase the right amount of packing supplies and allow enough time to pack effectively.

#7: Not Boxing Lamp Shades

It is very hard to safely secure lamp shades in a moving truck. Put lamp shades in large or medium sized moving boxes protected by your throw pillows. This not only protects the shades but will keep your throw pillows clean as well.

#6: Bubble Wrap

If your move is tomorrow and you still need to pack your best china, always use bubble wrap and proper packing paper. Avoid using newspaper unless you’d like yesterday’s headlines printed on your belongings!

#5: Bin Bags

In a rush to pack up those last items in your wardrobe it can be tempting to resort to bin bags. Wardrobe boxes are much easier to pack and transport, and can easily accommodate shoes as well.

#4: Drawer Items

Make sure non-breakable items are properly secured in drawers; putting items in plastic bags is one great way to do this. Use common sense when thinking about whether you should take the contents out of furniture: a heavy chest of drawers is best emptied!

#3: Wrapping Large Glass Items

A sparse covering of bubble around a 13-foot, inch-thick glass table will not be enough to protect it, but it will make it almost impossible to move. The thick moving pads and straps used by professional movers will ensure your glass items arrive safely.

#2: Book Boxes

I know it might seem hard to believe but people still own books! Books are easy to pack, and it can be tempting to pile them high in large boxes, but creating such heavy items for movers will cause them to tire quicker and complete the job slower. Book boxes are also more difficult to stack on top of other items. Generally, heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes.

#1: Taking Proper Care of Irreplaceable Items

It may sound like common sense, but failure to take care of precious items takes the #1 spot in our list of top packing mistakes as so many people fail to realise that family photos, priceless heirlooms and priceless jewellery should be moved personally. Most of our possessions can be easily replaced, but a few cannot, so why take the risk?

If you are packing yourself or having a company do it, avoiding these eight mistakes will ensure a stress-free move.