Furniture Removals


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If you’ve ever skipped on hiring furniture removal specialists to do the heavy lifting, you know how much of a nightmare it can be when you try to lift that mattress or couch and move it to another room.

Moving can be much harder than it seems – nobody knows that more than us. Simplify the process around your home or business by calling our removals team at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK!

We’re ready to step in as your furniture removalist to save you the stress and back pain of attempting to do the lifting on your own. Whether it’s carrying items from one room to the next, up and down stairs and around tight corners, or just helping you out with standard furniture rearranging around the home, our professionally trained teams are ready for whatever challenge comes their way.


A furniture moving company you can trust

With all TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving services, you’re hiring trained movers who are ready for the job. All team members are professionally trained before ever heading out on a removal job to ensure they’re up-to-date on the best moving practices to keep your items safe. Similarly, all removal team members are fully licensed and insured so you have peace of mind with knowing your items are in hands you can trust.


How our furniture moving services works

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As we mentioned above, this service covers all moving needs you might encounter around your home. Need to move a heavy appliance into a new room or into the garage? We’ve got you covered. Need to take that old mattress out of the house so you can replace it with a new one? No problem. Are you looking to rearrange the furniture in a certain room for a new look? We’ll take care of it!

Whatever your furniture removal need might be, you can count on our team of professionals to get the job done right. These individuals know how to navigate the tightest of corners while keeping your items safe, and they’ll use professional moving equipment and training to ensure it’s a smooth process.

You might be able to put a price on hiring our service, but you can’t put a price on avoiding that sore back if you tried it yourself!



With any moving service, it’s important to trust the professionals, and that’s where we come in. Moving requires not only strength, but skill and nuance as well. It’s no easy task to lift something heavy and avoid damaging the item and the walls, but our team specializes in just this.

When it comes to furniture removal, people run into trouble trying to handle it themselves because they aren’t trained on how to properly move, and they’re not trained on how to avoid damaging items or their home. Our teams work hard so you don’t have to deal with this stress!


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