Top Tips for Moving Home at Christmas

At this time of the year, you ideally want to be daydreaming about Christmas and indulging in all the festivities, but if you’re moving house at Christmas there are a few things you should keep in mind to help make it as stress-free as possible.

Take a look below for some top tips for moving home at Christmas, helping you to keep calm and enjoy the festive period this year.

Set the date

The worst thing you can do is try and wing it over the Christmas period. You should always have a plan to follow and this requires a date being agreed upon well in advance. Once you’ve got this date you can start to get organised (if you haven’t already), helping the move go smoothly and avoiding any hidden surprises which inevitably come with improvising.

Clear up snow and leaves

While it’s always unlikely that we’ll see a white Christmas, the inclement weather can always pose issues for your move. Ice, snow and sleet can make carrying heavy boxes or large items a dangerous task. Ensure your pathways and drive are clear for the day of the move, keeping everyone safe.

The same applies for leaves, because while these might not usually be a problem sitting on the ground, once wet they can create a slick surface. Piles of slippery leaves in your path could spell disaster for anyone going back and forth with boxes.

Keep on top of your bills

With Christmas shopping to be done and all the different aspects of the move, it could be easy to forget about your bills. You don’t want nasty debts accumulating, so ensure you pay off your remaining utility bills and be sure to set up your new account for your new property.

Book a removals company

To allow you to enjoy Christmas with your family, why not put the majority of the hard work in someone else’s hands? By hiring professional movers early, you can leave the packing, transportation and unpacking of all your possessions in their hands, giving you control over your Christmas again.

You’ll be guaranteed to have a safe and efficient move when you enlist the help of experienced movers such as Two Men And A Truck.

Get the Christmas shopping done

If you can get all your Christmas shopping done early, do it. This will allow your to wrap all your gifts and send them out before the move – that’s a whole bunch of items you then don’t have to pack and take to your new house.

Lock away your valuables

A valid concern over the holiday season is the security of our homes. The nights are darker, and the bounty lying around in the form of presents for thieves makes it all too tempting for would-be criminals. If you have items you want to keep secure throughout your move, keep them locked away and out of sight if you can.

If you’re looking for help with your move this Christmas, look no further than the festive team here at Two Men And A Truck. We can take care of all the packing, moving and unpacking of your items – including furniture – to ensure you have as peaceful a Christmas as possible.

Contact us today for more details or to discuss the details of your move.