Top 10 Tips on Moving House When Pregnant

We all know that moving house can be a stressful time, but it can be even more of a pain if you’re pregnant while you’re attempting to sell, pack and move from your old home into a new one.

To help minimise the strain and stress of moving house we’ve got 10 great tips for you to use, making the whole process much smoother.

Plan and organise

By planning and organising your move well ahead of time, you stand a greater chance of avoiding the stress usually associated with the process. Knowing what’s supposed to be happening at each stage reduces anxietyand keeps everyone on the same page.

Pack in advance

You know you’re moving and you don’t need all your possessions out in the time leading up to the move. Packing in advance gives you time to carefully sort and pack slowly, minimising the physical strain. Never lift heavy boxes, always have someone help if you wish to move boxes.

Label your boxes

There will be so much going on during a move, as well as in your pregnancy, that keeping up with which possessions belong where could prove tricky. By labelling boxes as you pack them, you can focus on other things and keep your boxes in the right place if you do need the items inside.

Get some help

While you might feel like you want to take on the whole world one minute, a pregnancy can leave you feeling wiped out the next. Getting professional help will not only allow you to stay off your feet, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that someone with expertise is taking care of the move.

Find a new GP

If you’re only moving down the road, this may not be applicable, but if you’re moving further afield you should check where your local GP isand get booked in. This will be crucial both during and after your pregnancy as you’ll be able to book in with ease when needed.

Keep a hospital bag handy

If you know you’re close to your due date, it’s smart to keep a hospital bag of essentials separate from your packing. This bag can have everything from pillows to snacks, anything you might need in an emergency.

Research your new neighbourhood

A regular routine is good for easing stress and anxiety, so find out where your local shop, park and any other amenities are. You can also research local groups for activities, or simply introduce yourself to your new neighbours. By maintaining your daily routine and making friendsyou’ll create a smoother transition as opposed to feeling awkward in your own home.

Look after yourself!

In all the rush and excitement of moving, you should ensure you look after yourself properly. Rest when you feel you need to and don’t put yourself under any undue strain – you could even book a spa break around the same time to alleviate the stress.

Drink plenty of water on moving day

It’s easy to forget even your basic needs in the hustle and bustle of moving, but being pregnant means it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Try to eat a big meal if you know you won’t get a chance later, but keep water with you at all times.

Give yourself plenty of time

Rushing around is the worst thing you can do. Accept help where you can get it, but leave plenty of time to take care of moving tasks you intend to perform. If you rush, you increase the risk of injuring yourself and your baby, so in the long run it’s worth taking more time to get things sorted regarding your move.

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