Moving Your Garden – Is It a Thing?

Usually, when you think about house removals, you think about dismantling your furniture and packing up all your belongings in as many boxes as you can get your hands on. But what do you do about the outside of your home? There are plenty of plants, pots, furniture and equipment you might want to take with you, but how easy is it to move your garden? That’s what we’re looking at in this article.

What can I move?

As a seller you’re obligated to inform the buyer of all fixtures you wish to take with you – this includes your garden plants. You’ll have to reach agreement before contracts are signed, and anything you try to take with you that wasn’t previously agreed on could result in legal action, so take care!

There will be some items a removals company won’t be able to move from your garden. For example, motorised equipment that requires fuel can’t be transported unless it’s been fully emptied, and paints are also a no-go. If you find something in your shed that you’re unsure about, get in touch with your removals company and ask if it can be transported.

Taking your garden with you

When moving your garden, you can apply some of the same principles you’d use when moving the rest of your home. Firstly, you need to think carefully about what you want to take with you.

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll probably be attached to some – or all – of the plant life in your garden, so picking and choosing could prove difficult. If it’s feasible to do so, you could take everything with you, but it might be better to be selective.

For plants and shrubs, climate and location are key. If you’re moving across the country, the soil conditions or regional climate may not be suitable for your current crop. If you don’t have a deep sentimental attachment to some plants, or you’re worried they won’t survive in their new home, it’s probably best to leave them be and let the new owners enjoy them instead. You can always start afresh at your new property.

Think about the new garden

Always keep in mind the garden at your new home. Does it get a lot of sun? Is it oriented the same as your current garden? Is there enough space for all the plants you want to take? The owners of the current property might not move a single thing from their garden, which would leave you encumbered with vegetation, so try to get an idea before the move.

A top tip is to, well in advance, take cuttings to propagate some of your most cherished plants. This way, you can transport independent plants in much smaller containers, with less fear they’ll become damaged or not survive transplantation. It also gives you a gardening project to get stuck into once you do settle in!

What about garden furniture – and everything else?

Of course, plants aren’t the only thing you’d want to bring with you. Patio furniture, garden decorations, stored goods in your shed – even the shed itself – these are all worth thinking about.

Things like garden furniture will be easy to transport, it’s not much different from standard furniture. Some bulkier garden tables might be a bit troublesome for you, especially if they can’t be dismantled, but you can plan for this ahead of time with your removals company.

As mentioned, fuel and paints can’t be taken with you, nor can other hazardous materials you might have stored away. It is possible to move larger items like a storage shed, but this requires a good amount of planning. Many sheds won’t be in suitable condition to move long distances, while some can be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere. Talk to your removals firm about necessary transport, or if moving something of this scale is worth it for you.

Will you move my plants for me?

When it comes to moving your plants, removal companies will typically refuse to move them for you. This is in the best interests of your plants. The back of a moving truck isn’t particularly healthy for fragile plants. They can be damaged easily and too long in the stuffy environment will do them much more harm than good. If you know what plants you want to move, it’s always recommended that you transport them yourself

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