Moving Home With Kids: Reassuring Them During the Move

Moving home with kids can be difficult. Children can feel like they are not part of the process. Use these tips to reassure them during the move.

#1 Discuss the move with your kids. 

Answer questions completely and truthfully and be receptive to both positive and negative responses. Even though the move may be beneficial, children can focus on the frightening aspects of change.

#2 Involve your children in the planning as much as you can. 

It helps them feel part of the process; they don’t feel like the change is being forced upon them. Some ways you can do this include taking them to see new houses or new schools.

#3 Make time for goodbyes. 

As busy as you are with moving home, continue with your child’s activities and playdates as much as possible. It can be tempting to declare that you’re just too busy, but it’s important for them to maintain their activities, and also for them to say goodbye to their friends.

#4 Getting settled in your new home. 

It’s important for children to see their new home to feel like a home quickly. It’s also important to make new friends and explore the neighbourhood. Don’t forget during the move, make sure your kids have your attention and care.

#5 Don’t forget about them on moving day. 

On moving day, have a bag packed of personal belongings for each member of the family, being careful to include medications, clothes and personal items. Let your children choose what amusements or toys they want to take along, and reassure them they will see their other favourite toys when they arrive in their new home.