Moving Home with Kids

Moving homes can be a hectic time, particularly for children. Changing homes can have a lasting impact on the emotional development of kids, especially if they’re leaving the house they’ve known for life. By making the right adjustments to your moving plans, this life-changing event can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Before the Move

Have a family meeting

Once the decision to move is finalised, call a family meeting. It’s important to involve kids in discussions about the moving process early so that they can adjust. Be sure to give them the chance to voice their opinions about prospective new homes.

Plan a new room

A kid’s room should be the space where they feel safest and it can be difficult for them to leave it behind. Let them choose a design or two for their new bedroom and take them shopping for decorating materials.

Donate old toys to charity

Moving is an ideal time to get rid of items you no longer use, but it can be difficult to convince kids to have a clear-out. Instead of selling their old toys, involve children in the process of giving them to a good cause.

Create a moving day plan

Kids tend to be anxious about moving because it is a new and disruptive experience. One way to help alleviate their fears is to plan out the moving day. Discuss each step in detail so there are no nasty surprises.

During the Move

Assign Tasks

Moving day can be very chaotic, try and involve children by assigning them age-appropriate tasks. These could include bringing movers water and snacks, last-minute cleaning duties or becoming “Boss for a Day”.

Keep special items organized

Kids feel more comfortable while moving if they know their favourite items are safe. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® ensure this through providing Truckie’s Treasure Chest , a unique box designed for items kids want to keep close by during the move. Children can colour-in the box, making it unique to them.

Keep it interesting

Make moving fun! Play energetic music and mix in your kids’ favourites to keep everyone upbeat. Make a game out of moving, seeing who can pack items the fastest and neatest.

After the Move

Explore the local area

It’s important for children to become acquainted with their new community so they feel safe and begin to love it as much as their old one. Give older children the responsibility to find three local destinations the family can enjoy together.

Join extra-curricular groups

Make sure children join at least one extra-curricular group so they become actively involved in the local community.

Meet your neighbours

Besides introducing yourself, think about other fun and creative ideas to meet your neighbours.

Get to know the new school

The first day in a new school can be scary prospect. Talk to your tots about any fears they may have and guide them through what to expect.