Moving Home Guide: Things to do a Week before your Home Move

It’s a week before your move and you’re most likely to be incredibly stressed. You still have loads to do but have no idea where to start? Use our moving home guide to make sure you are ready for your move!

  • Confirm the date and time of your move with your removal company
  • Think about your daily routine – what key things do you need access to everyday such as toothbrush, remote control, nightwear etc. Make a conscious effort to pack these items separately in something distinctive. You don’t want to spend hours looking for your toothbrush after a long day of moving
  • Don’t forget to put aside a roll of toilet paper which can be used at the new property. It’s easily forgotten but very necessary on moving day!
  • Get your moving supplies ready. Permanent markers, tape, boxes and don’t forget to label everything! It’ll make the unpacking process easier because your boxes and furniture will be in the right rooms.
  • Dismantle non-essential furniture. The last thing you’ll take apart is the beds, which can be done the night before moving day.
  • Put stickers on large items of furniture so removes know what room to put them in at the other end
  • Bubble wrap is great for securing your variables, but you can also use bedding and towels, especially for things like figurines etc.
  • Pack your clothing in wardrobe boxes, it’ll mean less ironing when you get to the new house. Leave your suitcases for essential items such as toiletries that you will need immediate access to.
  • Cling film can be used to wrap items such as sofas, mattresses and even can be used to wrap drawers and CD racks to save having to pack and unpack these separately.
  • Make arrangements for refreshments and food on moving day. Sounds fairly obvious, it can be easily forgotten. Keep the kettle, sugar, tea, coffee, milk aside with some mugs and biscuits.
  • Plan your journey between the old and new property. Make sure everyone knows the way, including anyone helping you move and your removals company.
  • Prepare a note for the new owners explaining how things work, where they can find useful items like the boiler switches and alarm codes. It can inject some humanity into the moving process and also will go a long way when it comes to mail direction. Also include details of who currently provides the utilities at your property as it is not always obvious.