How to Move Large Furniture and Awkward Items

One of the most difficult tasks when carrying out a move can be the moving of any large or awkward items. You want to keep your possessions in top condition, as well as the walls and skirting boards in both your old home and your new home.

Many people struggle with this portion of the move because of how narrow doorways can be and how low ceilings are in modern homes. That’s why we’re going to provide a few key details on how to move those pesky bits of furniture without damage to the item itself or your property.

Planning Ahead

The first thing to remember is that a good plan is half the battle. You’ll need to think about the route you’re going to take, how you’ll hold the item, whether it should be packaged and any dismantling required.

If it’s all a little too much for you to handle, you might consider utilising the moving services of a professional removals company. A removals company will have trained staff and the right protective equipment to make swift work of your bulkier items as well as everything else, removing the hassle.


A weighty instrument, pianos can be notoriously difficult to move – especially if they are large or awkwardly shaped. It could be that if your piano is on legs, these could be removed to make getting it out the house easier. Upright pianos are usually narrow enough to be wheeled through most standard doorways, but grand pianos tend to require professional attention and equipment.

Full length mirrors

While smaller mirrors can simply be wrapped, large, full length mirrors tend to be a lot more fragile, especially if they aren’t framed by anything. The best way to transport such items is to have it wrapped and packed in it’s own specially padded box. You can try to create your own, but many professional movers will have crates and boxes for such items.


In the modern age of ever growing televisions it has become more and more of an effort to pack and move such an essential item. It’s unlikely that you’ll still have any box or packaging for a television with a large width, but if you can find another box for it to fit in and pad it out (bedding works well in cases like these) then you can have more confidence in moving your expensive TV.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes, but the main thing to keep in mind is disconnecting the power/gas supply. This can be very dangerous and if you aren’t sure what you’re doing it is better to call in the professionals. When it comes to your fridge and freezer you will have to run the food down or throw out what is left over in order to thaw and clean them ready for a move.


Trying to wrestle a sofa or settee through a doorway can often be frustrating and sometimes damaging for the doorframes and walls. It’s always worth measuring the dimensions of your furniture and your doorways before attempting a move, this way you’ll know if you need to just take the feet off a sofa or find an alternative route out of the house.


Despite how large bed frames are, they’re usually designed to be easily dismantled and reassembled. Having an allen key, spanner, screwdriver and hammer available might help, but it’s generally the mattress from your bed which will be trickier to move. It’s best to have two people moving anything bigger than a single size mattress, this makes it easier to manoeuvre around corners and down flights of stairs.

At Two Men And A Truck we provide professional removals to help make the whole process less stressful for you. We have buckets of experience in moving large, valuable and often awkward items, with all the packing and preparation material to ensure your items and home aren’t damaged in the process.

Contact us today if you’d like help with your move and let us know about any tricky items you’d like assistance with.