How to Move with Antiques

For the most part, packing is more time-consuming than anything else, but when it comes to your most treasured and valuable items – your antiques – you need to think more carefully. Taking care of your antiques will ensure they last for generations to come, regardless of how many times they move home with you.

Whether they’re family heirlooms or something you’ve acquired from an auction, it’s worth taking the time to prepare antiques for a move.

Moving paintings and mirrors

85HOften large and flat, it should seem like quite a simple task to move antique paintings and mirrors, but you need to protect them against damage. During transportation they might be subject to knocks, or even accidental falls, so it’s important to pack them properly.

Provide layers of protection, for the corners of these objects you can get special protectors. Soft paper packing and plastic sheets can prevent dirt and moisture impacting paintings and mirrors, while custom crates can also help to ensure robust cushioning is provided.

Moving antique furniture

Furniture is always tricky to transport carefully, but for antique furniture any damage could be far more costly. No one wants to shell out for restoration services, so ensure there are enough people on hand to lift and carry larger antique furniture, this reduces the risk of bumps and scrapes.

Plan the path of the furniture carefully, ensuring that any furniture is secure on any moving equipment. Use plenty of packing and padding around any vulnerable sections of furniture such as feet and arms, and be sure not to pick any furniture up by these vulnerable sections.

Moving fragile antiques

From glass antiques to porcelain and china items, fragile items require thoughtful planning when it comes to packing. It’s this stage which will keep them protected against damage and so an assessment of what items you have should be performed. Packing these items in a crate filled with polystyrene chips or another soft, shock absorbent material is your safest bet. Once tightly tucked away, you can have faith they’ll reach their destination in one piece.

Moving silver antiques

While you might also want to transport your silverware in crates, the important aspect of packing these items is the materials you use to wrap them. Ensure you use acid free materials to prevent any instance of tarnishing on their journey. Also, avoid using newspaper as wrapping for antiques as the ink might rub off onto your important silverware.

Label your antiques

If you have a lot of antiques, you might want to take an inventory of everything you have. From here you can label all the boxes, crates and packaging in which your antiques sit. Once they reach their new destination you can carefully unpack each piece and check them off your list to ensure everything has arrived. Misplacing an antique is a lot more devastating than misplacing the odd plate or a cheap paperback novel.

Utilise professional movers

For peace of mind when it comes to moving your antiques and antique furniture, it’s always better to call in professional movers. This way you know everything you hold dear will be kept safe and will be transported to its destination intact.

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