How To Choose The Right Removals Company

One of the best ways to streamline the house moving process is to enlist the services of a trustworthy removals company. Working with them from an early stage ensures you can fully plan the move without leaving anything to chance. But how do you go about picking the right removals company? How do you know that a removals company will be right for you? In this article, we’re discussing the important things to look out for when settling on a removals firm.

Read reviews

Scour review sites and testimonials for feedback from past clients. You can quickly get a broad overview of just about any removals company on the internet by Googling them. If they have a lot of reviews, read some of the good and some of the bad; it’s best to get insight from all possible perspectives to make a fully informed decision. Also, keep a lookout for reviews from your area, or from customers whose move was a similar scale to yours. That way, you can really hone in on the firms that would be best suited to your requirements.

Check their website

If you’ve found a removals firm that looks reputable and has a pool of glowing reviews, you’re off to a great start. Now do a thorough examination of their website and pay close attention to the services they offer, as well as the following:

  • Are they fully licensed?
  • Are they bonded?
  • Are they insured?

If your removals company is a yes for all three, then you can rest assured your belongings – and their service in general – will be handled with full professional care. Insurance means you’ll be able to claim back on any damages, in the unlikely event of any occurring, while licensed and bonded refers to the company meeting industry requirements and being entrusted by third parties/regulators to provide a high quality service to customers.

Talk to them

Most removals firms will offer a free home consultation/survey service. This is a great opportunity not only to gain a quote, but also to meet your potential movers and to ask all your burning questions in person. You can gain a lot of information from a home survey. You can get a first and lasting impression of the firm, and learn more about how they handle moves, how their services are performed, their specific processes and – of course – how much it would all cost for your specific move.

How they interact with you is also a key thing to learn. Are they friendly and personable? Or do they seem brusque and only in it for the payday? If your movers seem like they genuinely care about their work, and are attentive and amicable during the consultation, then you’ll feel much better about entrusting your household belongings with them during a move.

Get quotes and discuss their range of services

Get multiple quotes from different movers and you’ll soon figure out which one would suit your move the best. Remember to ask after any training and experience, discuss your packing requirements with them and enquire about the feasibility of a move for your moving date – if you know it by this stage.

A huge benefit of using a reputable removals company is how much stress they take away from the whole experience. Discuss how they plan and execute a move, and what they will do for you in the run-up to moving day. If you wish to pack on your own, enquire after their packing materials. Do they provide specialist moving equipment for pianos, heavy wardrobes, antique furniture/artwork? Will they be able to offload your boxes into the correct rooms of the new home? And do they dismantle/reassemble furniture if required?

Finding out all about the ins and outs of your move beforehand means you can build a strong rapport with your moving company. If they’re transparent and forthcoming with all the information you need, their quotes are reasonable and they have the reputation and industry experience to back it all up, then it looks like you’ve found a winner.

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