Best Practices for Office Relocation

When your office is relocating it needn’t be a chaotic time. Whether you’re moving to grow or downsize your business, there are a common set of best practices for any office relocation.

At Two Men And A Truck, we’ve handled countless office moves, which is why we’ve drawn on our extensive knowledge to bring you some best practice guidelines. Take a look below to see what things you should be doing for the relocation of your office.

Inform your staff of the move

Once you are aware of the need to move offices, it is important for you to assess how it will impact your staff. Any long distance moves – or office relocations to another country – will require some serious work, including possible severance for staff who cannot realistically make the move.

If your move is within the same city, and the new premises are still accessible to everyone, then you simply need to keep staff in the loop. By informing staff of the move, you can associate it with positivity and limit the impact it might have on people who are averse to change.

Add structure to the move with a potential timeline if you feel you can pin one down well enough.

Inform your customers

While you obviously won’t want to be sharing information of your move with customers straight away, you’ll need to plan the point at which you’ll tell customers. Whether you choose to do this via a direct mail campaign, via email or by contacting each individual over the phone, it’s important that they have your new address.

Customers could be put off by any extra administrative duties required of them, so make it as easy as possible for them.

Organise your technology and assets

You might not give much thought to your technology and other assets when thinking of moving, but even small things like cables can be important. You’ll want to have everything you need with you at your new site to ensure business can get back to normal as soon as possible and minimise any losses you might incur as a result of downtime.

The more organised you are regarding essentials, valuables and the assets currently in your office, the easier the move will be. This also helps to prevent any unnecessary costs associated with replacing items.

Utilise professional services

While it might seem like a manageable task in your mind to begin with, a smooth office relocation takes a lot of planning and a lot of juggling to be conducted with ease. Professional office removal services from Two Men And A Truck will mean you get a dedicated project manager and the services of experts in all areas of the move.

We have our own vans and can even arrange storage of items, if necessary, for your move. In leaving the move in the hands of the professionals, you free up more time for you and your staff to focus on the business and your customers.

If you’re planning to move offices and would like the services of experienced movers, look no further than Two Men And A Truck. Get in touch with our friendly team today for more details and we’ll be able to arrange an assessment of your offices for the impending move.