5 Things To Do in Your New Home

So you’ve managed to get the pre-move checklists down, but what about everything after you’ve moved in? There are still a few things to do once you’ve moved in your new home. You’ve still got so much to do, including unpacking everything, finding new homes for all your belongings, and adding new decorative touches where needed. The question is where to start? Here are five things to focus on after the move.

#1 Don’t be too ambitious.

Don’t expect to unpack everything on the day you move. Unpack the most essential items first that you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. If you’re a planner and need to set aside times to unpack, set realistic goals for yourself. Finding new places for your belongings can take a while so give yourself more time than you think you will need.

#2 Think you lost something in the shuffle of the move.

Think of where you last saw the item. Do you know what box it went into? Who packed it up? Try going through your boxes. Give it at least a day to turn up. If you just can’t find it, call your moving company and ask if they might have any clue as to where that item was placed.

#3 Don’t do all the work by yourself.

Many hire professionals or call up friends to help move the heavy items but often do all the unpacking themselves. It’s always a good idea to get  a helping hand for the un-pack as well. This could be a family, member, friend, or even a professional mover who can assist with un-packing. Not only does this make the job go quicker, it also breaks up the monotony and can help you unwind from the stress of a move.

#4 Make sure to take breaks from unpacking.

Several hours of unpacking can be exhausting. Make sure to give yourself little breaks throughout the process to explore the neighbourhood or find the nearest coffee shop, petrol station and supermarket. Taking your mind off the move for a little while can really help you to relax.

#5 Host a house warming party.

When the boxes are unpacked, everything is placed where you want it to go and you start feeling more settled-in, make sure to celebrate the move. Show off the new home to family, friends and your new neighbours. This can be an awesome opportunity to reconnect with old friends as well as meet a few new ones (the neighbours). This final step will really help you feel at home in your new house. Don’t put it off too long or you may just never get around to it.

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