10 Ways to Notify Customers Before an Office Move

You have decided to relocate your office, the removal company has been selected and boxes are being packed. Moving office can be stressful at times and you are likely to forget informing most important stakeholders of your business. Want to know who? Yes your customers. Let your customers know of the office relocation and your new address. Notifying customers can be challenging for small retailers if they are not collecting their customer’s contact information. What else you can think of a part from posting a sign on the door or shop window to direct your customers? Well there are several possible ways to inform your customers but you must have customers contact information (phone, e-mail etc.) to be more innovative to send over your relocation notification.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has some great suggestions for you to notify your customers

  1. Relocation Sign on the door
    Most basic and simple technique to inform your customers is posting a business relocation sign stating date of relocation, new business address, contact number, email and people to contact. You may also invite your customers to find your new premises by mentioning “please visit our new location” or announcing a grand opening ceremony.
  2. Flyers distributed with Customer receipts and invoices
    Half or quarter page flyers can be printed with relevant relocation information mentioned above. You can then send these flyers attached to customers invoices or attach them to customer receipts if you are a retail store. This way your customers will have all the relevant information to contact your business or visit your shop again after your business relocation.
  3. Email Notifications
    If you are generating large percentage of your sales from online channels, it would be convenient for your company to notify customers via email of the office move. You may also wish to include information like delayed response time during relocation due to setting up computers or others devices at the new office.
  4. Website Notifications
    Your company website can be great place to notify your customers of office relocation. This can be done by adding a banner at your homepage or contact us page so the potential web acquisitions stay informed about business relocation and plan their communication accordingly. Be careful don’t distract your customers by putting this banner at prominent spot covering your services or USPs.
  5. Set-up voice-mail notifications
    You can set-up voice-mail notification at your office lines so that customers who call in can take down the address during and after the office move
  6. Direct mail – postcards
    Notifying your customers via direct mail or post cards may seem a bit out dated but it is still effective for some business operating in traditional ways with no online presence. Your business must have customer contact addresses and make sure to include all relevant information and if any grand opening or ribbon cutting will take place, use this post card to announce it
  7. Online & offline address update
    In order to minimise chances of missing any important communication from your customers, it would be necessary to update your address on your website, business directories, social media pages and business cards. Taking time to update business address saves customer from getting confused by the presence of multiple addresses
  8. Press release
    Press release can also be a useful tool to notify your customers of office or business relocation. Make sure your press release draft contains all the relevant information like date of relocation, new business address, contact number, email and people to contact during relocation process.
  9. Social Media
    If your business is keeping up to date with technology and new trends then social media can be most valuable tool at your disposal to notify your existing and potential customers. Keep your clients updated before and during your business move with well-crafted updates like (We are Moving!!) and office relocation pictures. Make sure you update business address at your social media pages as well.
  10. Grand opening celebrations 
    Hosting opening celebrations can be useful to attract new customers in your new business territory. This is highly valuable when the business is a restaurant, salon, retail store that customers regularly visit in person. Even if your company doesn’t serve customers at the business premises this can potentially show off the new facilities, services or products being offered as well as brings customers face to face with the company’s representatives.