Procedures for Moving House under COVID-19

In light of recent events and to keep up to date with the government’s guidelines it has become common practice to implement the following procedures to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and to allow the industry to continue to operate whilst staying alert. View our Health and Safety Certificate.


Our removers will require all items to be packed prior to arrival to reduce physical contact as much as possible

Make sure you label each box appropriately i.e. Fragile and the room and avoid packing the essentials you will need on the day.

Dismantle furniture

To avoid further unnecessary handling, we ask that you ensure all furniture is dismantled prior to the removers arrival. This includes making sure electrical appliances are disconnected. It would help greatly if you could also mark items which are not to be moved.

Stay Outside

We understand you may want to supervise your move but to practice safe social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines , we ask you remain outside and stay in your vehicle to ensure your own safety and that of our staff.


Check your temperature before the day of the move. If you are displaying any symptoms you MUST notify us Immediately.

Clean and open

Before the arrival of our removers please wipe down all rails and handles with disinfectant. Please open all windows and doors to allow airflow and reducing the number of doors needing to be opened.


If possible, produce a floorplan for the new house and mark where you would like furniture and boxes to be placed to support our removers to place your items in the appropriate place.


Under the PPE we are still your friendly local family run removal firm! We will do all what we can to make your move as stress-free and safe as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns during your move, please let us know!

Call 0191 731 8663